Learn Advanced Channeling Techniques That Will Increase Your Confidence & Accuracy ... Making Your Channeling Sessions More Amazing Than Ever!!

Make a Quantum Leap in Your Channeling Abilities With New Channeling Mastery Course

Hey there!

As a past student of Betsy Morgan's Learning to Channel Class, I have exciting news to share with you.

But, before I do, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my own experience learning to channel.

When I took my first channeling class back in 2008, I was hopeful, but nervous.

I wondered stuff like:

  • Can I really do this?
  • Will I actually get useful information?
  • How can I trust the messages I receive?

Sound familiar? I'm pretty sure all new channels have the same questions :)

The good news is that once I took my first channeling class, I discovered that I really could channel.

Naturally, I was thrilled ... but, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Even though I was able to channel, I occasionally struggled with doubts ... I definitely wasn't confident of my accuracy every single session.

Still, I had gotten enough of a "taste" of channeling to know how absolutely incredible it is when you emerge from a great session - which is why I wanted even more of them!

I was eager to get better... to continue to learn everything I could from more experienced channels like my mentor, Betsy-Morgan.

So, I took another channeling course -- and another and another.

Which is how I know that...

Channeling Classes Are Like Building Blocks

Think about it.

With building blocks, you lay one block down after another, each one building on the one before it to create a stable structure.

Channeling is no different.

Each class builds on the previous one, creating a rock-solid foundation for you to become a highly gifted channel.

Here's how it works ... with each class, you:

  • Develop More Confidence - And, as your confidence grows, you ...
  • Become Way More Accurate - More accurate channeling sessions mean you spend less time wondering whether you can rely on the information you received, and more time trusting you received it from a divine source. You also start to ...
  • Get Better Information - Instead of more general advice, you begin to pick up very specific guidance. And the more you trust and act on that guidance, the more your confidence grows. Which, of course, improves your channeling accuracy even more.

As you can see, the cycle repeats itself, with each skill building on the one before it.

That's why I encourage you to keep with it. The rewards are so worth it.

For instance, in my case, I know that all the channeling classes I took helped me advance more rapidly than had I tried to improve on my own.

And not only did those classes help me become better at channeling, but they also paved the way for me to experience a wonderful channeling career that I absolutely love.

Which is why I know that by continuing to improve your channeling skills, your life will change in miraculous ways!

The Benefits Of Becoming a Better Channeler

By improving as a channel, you will:

  • Step into Your Power - As an advanced channel, there's nothing more empowering than knowing you can "pick up the phone", anytime you want to call on your guides for specific, accurate guidance ... which is why the better you can channel, the more you're able to step into your power.  
  • Manifest Your Desires Faster - Your vibration determines how quickly - or slowly - you manifest the things you desire. When you advance as a channeler, you'll start to notice a BIG change in your ability to successfully manifest stuff, like a new job, home, car, or even your soulmate. In fact, you'll discover things that were once difficult to manifest, now come into your life faster and easier than ever before!  
  • Make Better Decisions - The more confident you become as a channel, the more accurate your channeling will be. And, as your accuracy increases, you'll feel more certain about what to do when you're faced with big decisions.  
  • Feel a Closer Connection to the Divine - As worries that you might be "making it up," melt away, you'll become even more aware of your guides' unconditional love for you. As a result, your bond with them will grow and deepen.  
  • Enjoy Better Relationships - The more advanced you become as a channeler, the more light you bring into your life ... causing you to hear your ego less often. As a result, your spiritual wisdom will grow, making it easier for you to maintain supportive, loving, healthy relationships.  
  • Grow Wiser - The better you become as a clear channel, the more you'll intuitively know the divine perspective in any given situation. Over time, it'll become second nature to view things through the same "lens" your divine helpers do.  
  • Help Clients More - Even if you work as a professional channeler already, you can still benefit from an advanced channeling course. In it, you’ll learn tips from an experienced professional that’ll help you conduct better readings for other people. As a result, your clients will get even more from their sessions with you.  
  • Elevate Your Vibration - As your channeling skills advance, you'll be able to match your guides' vibration for longer periods of time. Because you'll be in a higher vibration more often, you'll draw more peace, love, and joy into your life, acting like a powerful magnet for positivity!  
  • Enjoy New, Fulfilling Opportunities - The stronger your channeling ability becomes, the more opportunities you'll create for yourself. For instance, maybe you'll even decide to channel professionally for clients! Regardless of whether you go in that direction or another, the sky's the limit with your team of divine helpers guiding you each step of the way. 

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a new course that Betsy-Morgan and I collaborated on ...

Introducing the Channeling Mastery Course

The Channeling Mastery Course was designed to help Learning to Channel students experience a quantum leap in their channeling ability.  

Because the experience of the class is so profound, you’ll immediately notice a shift once you start taking it … which is why you should consider it a fundamental step on your channeling journey.  

In the course, Betsy shares practical techniques for advanced channeling that will transform your channeling sessions, making your readings even better—whether you’re doing them for yourself or for other people.  

Plus, as the course progresses, you’ll receive light-filled energetic transmissions that will raise your vibration to a much higher frequency.  

With this higher vibration, you’ll be less emotionally attached to the outcome of your channeling ... improving your accuracy immensely.  

You’ll also be able to hold the frequency of your divine guides for longer, so you can channel for extended periods of time.  

As a result, the course will elicit a life-changing spiritual transformation in you, as it helps you to grow in self-awareness and understanding.  

And, with all the tips, techniques, and expert advice Betsy-Morgan shares in her lessons, you’ll improve exponentially as a channeler … while enjoying channeling that much more!  

In fact, you may enjoy it so much that you decide to channel professionally, if you aren’t doing so already.  

Betsy covers this subject in the course too, providing you guidance if you want to be a professional channel, as well as expert advice if you’re already working professionally in the field.  

Bottom line?  

This course will change your life in millions of untold, wonderful ways … while transforming you into a master channel in the process!  

But don’t just take my word for it … 

Read What Students Are Saying About Betsy's Advanced Courses

“What a wonderful channeling class! I was hesitant to take your advanced channeling class, because I wasn't sure I was ready. But now, I feel like I’ve taken a quantum leap forward. Thank you, I'm excited about my future as a channel!”  

~ LV  

“You are such an amazing channeling teacher! You and your loving heart and sensitive teaching have changed my life, and I will forever be grateful. I loved every minute of your advanced channeling class … ”  

- TG  

“Betsy, you are truly a gifted teacher. You were able to accomplish what four teachers before you were not, and that was to go beyond the barrier I set up long ago as a child. For the first time in years, I feel like I’ll actually live up to my full potential as a channel and healer!”  

- KM  

With those rave reviews, it’s no wonder so many of Betsy’s students have gone on to teach psychic development and channeling to their own students!

That’s also why Betsy’s often referred to as “the teacher of teachers.”  

So, by now, you’re probably wondering what the course actually includes, so let me share with you the specifics … 

What You'll Get with the Channeling Mastery Course

With this comprehensive course, you’ll get 8 incredibly high vibe videos, totaling over 5 hours of expert channeling tips and techniques.  

The course begins with a channeling preparation module where Betsy shows you how to mentally prepare for a great session.  

She also provides you with a behind-the-scenes look at how she prepares to channel, so you can benefit from her 30+ years of expertise!  

Then, you’ll get right into the main lessons of the course, where you’ll learn how to: 

  • Read auras as easily as you would a newspaper, so you identify blocks in others at a glimpse … and heal them with the help of your divine guides! 
  • Receive the HIGHEST-frequency energetic transmissions your heart, body, and mind are capable of integrating … so your channeling sessions improve--effortlessly!
  • Find out the absolute easiest way to become sparklingly magnetic and more attractive to other people … so you create the love-filled, joyous life you deserve!
  • Discover an advanced tactic you can use when channeling for people who are vibrating at a lower frequency … so you hold an amazing session, regardless of who you’re reading.
  • Learn which unique challenge you’ll face when you improve as a channeler … and what you can do in less than 30 seconds to immediately feel better.
  • Work directly with Archangel Raphael as he applies “Spiritual Windex” to your third eye … making your vision crystal-clear and sharpening your clairvoyance!
  • Strengthen your ability to channel written messages from your divine guides … so you have a beautiful body of work you can turn to for love, support, and inspiration--time and time again.
  • Uncover the #1 way you can improve as a channeler … so you can rely on your intuitive abilities through thick and thin.
  • Discover what the very simple activity is that Archangel Raphael suggests you do each and every day … so you cleanse and lift your own vibration, as well as the vibration of anyone you read for.
  • Receive divine advice from Orion, and Archangels Michael, Raphael, and your own channeling guides ... so you learn how to improve as a channeler from the very same guides you’ll be channeling!
  • Get EXPLICIT GUIDANCE on what you should do if fear or emotional attachment comes up during a reading … so you can confidently move forward without affecting your accuracy.
  • Learn every single thing you should do before you read for someone else, during your session, and immediately afterward … so you conduct super-effective, blessed readings for clients--from start-to-finish!
  • Discover everyday things you can do in less than 5 minutes to raise your vibration … so you hold more light-energy and can channel for longer periods of time.
  • Meet and learn the name of your primary and highest guide … so you develop a strong spiritual partnership with the divine being who will lovingly assist you for the rest of your life.
  • And much, much more! 

Plus, not only will you get lifetime access to all of the videos for the course, but you’ll also get transcripts of each of the lessons … allowing you to download and read them on your own time if you want to study them in greater depth.  

OK, right about now, I can imagine what you might be thinking … sure, the course sounds great, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me.  

Let me put your mind at ease … 

Who The Channeling Mastery Course Is For

This course is for you, even if ...

  • you haven't practiced channeling in a while.
  • you worry you're not "advanced" enough for the course.
  • you suspect you might be too advanced for the course.
  • you already channel professionally.
  • you're not sure if you're ready for an advanced channeling course. (hint: you are!) 

The course is designed specifically for ALL students of Betsy’s Learning to Channel classes … meaning that no matter where you’re starting from, this course will help you improve your channeling skills by leaps and bounds.

Even better, it’s designed to help you do that in a short period of time. 

See BIG Improvements in Your Channeling... FAST!

With this course, you’ll notice a shift quickly.  

For one thing, you’ll receive high-frequency energetic transmissions as you go through the videos.  

These transmissions will make it easier for you to hear your guides. They’ll also help you maintain the energy longer.  

Additionally, the course includes homework assignments from Orion and the Archangels that were specifically designed for you, as a Channeling Mastery student …

These assignments are especially powerful because the divine already knows every single student who will take this course and how those individuals can best improve.

So, throughout the course, you’ll be given specific journaling and channeling assignments designed to strengthen your abilities, helping you to progress fast.

Plus, I created a private Facebook group just for course students, so you can get really comfortable practicing as a channel.  

Once you join the group, you can get encouragement from other members, pose any questions you have, and even trade private readings.  

Because the other course students are practicing just like you, they’ll be super-supportive … so you can strengthen this skill with people who will give your confidence a huge boost.

With the energetic transmissions, course homework, and supportive Facebook group, you’ll have a unique opportunity to accelerate as a channel. 

And, with the course’s certification process, you’ll find it even easier to make rapid progress … 

Get Certified as a Master Channel

The best way to become a better channeler is to practice.  

That’s why Betsy-Morgan and I have outlined a special channeling practice challenge for course students.  

It’s going to give you the opportunity to improve your results … exponentially!  

By the end of the challenge (and the end of the course), I guarantee your channeling abilities will be much, MUCH stronger.  

Plus, once you successfully complete the challenge, you’ll be Certified as an Orion Master Channel.  

To honor your accomplishment, you’ll get a beautiful print quality PDF Certificate!

Frame it for display in your home, office, a psychic fair, or a local metaphysics store you’re giving readings at.  

However, to earn your certification, you need to take the course, so let me tell you how you can do that.

But first, since I’ve covered a lot of material here, let me just quickly remind you what the course includes ... 

Everything You'll get with the Channeling Mastery Course

The course is jam-packed with expert tips and energetic activations that’ll help you advance rapidly as a channel!  

So, with it, you’re gonna get:

  • 8 video lessons totaling over 5+ hours that’ll teach you advanced channeling techniques designed to help you make a quantum leap in your channeling ability, while adding more love and light to your life.
  • Transcripts from each lesson … so you can study Betsy’s advanced tips and tactics in greater depth, really absorbing what you’re learning!
  • Access to my private Channeling Mastery Facebook group … so you have amazing, like-minded people to support you, while you rapidly develop your channeling skills.
  • Certification as a Master Channeler, upon completion the course … so you can confidently share this skill with friends, family members, or even clients. 

But that’s not all!  

Betsy Morgan and I are also going to throw in some INCREDIBLE BONUSES, that you’re really going to love.  

So, if you purchase the course today, you’ll also get the following super-valuable bonuses … absolutely free! 

  • Marketing Your Channeling Business Training (Value: $227) Many people working in metaphysics are incredible psychics … but less successful at finding clients, promoting their businesses, and establishing sales funnels. I can help with that. In this 90-minute video, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the years that’s helped me to become an internationally-known author and channel … so your business can become a raging success too!  
  • The “Miracle” Channeling (Value: $30) In this beautiful 24-minute audio recording channeled by Betsy Morgan, you’ll feel the incredible effects of energy shifting and integrating, literally lifting you into the 5th dimension as you reconnect with sparkling golden light! Listen to this recording daily if you want, so you become increasingly receptive to everything your heart desires.  
  • 7 Qualities for Clear Channeling (Value: $57) When I asked the angels how I could contribute to this course, they suggested this video. In this video, I relay the qualities—as shared with me by the angels—that will help you improve as a channeler. And, if you’re lacking in one of those qualities, I give you divinely inspired tips to help you develop it. 

Altogether, these bonuses are valued at over $300.  

But they’re yours—absolutely free—when you take the course.  

So, by now, I know you’re probably wondering what it costs.  

Before I reveal the price of the course, I want you to know what went into this collaboration.  

It actually took months of back-and-forth as Betsy and I figured out the structure of the course and which bonuses we wanted to include. Then the videos had to be produced, and an outside party needed to create the transcripts and masterfully lay out this course in a private course portal you'll have lifetime access to... and we’ve had to pay ongoing costs associated with hosting the videos online.  

Which is why it’s not surprising to me that similar courses cost $1,000 and up!  

However, because we want as many of you as possible to have the opportunity to improve your channeling abilities, we’ve decided not to charge you anywhere near what those other courses cost.

Instead, although the course and all the bonuses are easily valued at $1,000, we’re making Channeling Mastery available to you for just a one-time investment of $695 or 3 easy monthly payments of $244.

So, for way less than you might spend in a year on a daily cup of coffee, you can become a Master Channel, getting accurate, highly specific guidance from your divine guides in every area of your life, even if you’ve experienced blocks in the past … I’d call that priceless :)

Plus, after the course, you’ll have the skills to start channeling professionally if you want, creating a new career for yourself with the advanced techniques Betsy-Morgan will teach you.  

As someone who went that route myself--taking plenty of psychic development courses along the way—I want you to know that if you feel called to become a better channel, this is your very best, next step—which is why you don’t want to put this off until later.  

Allow me to explain … 

Why It's Important To Act NOW

If you’ve made it this far down the page, I know you’re interested in this course.  

That enthusiasm you’re feeling is no mistake.  

It’s actually your intuition, encouraging you to move forward with this.  

In fact, enthusiasm is one of the ways the divine gives us a little nudge, showing us the next step on our path.  

Unfortunately, we don’t always listen.  

For instance, have you ever been really excited about something … and then allowed ego-based fears to talk you out of it?  

It happens all the time.  

Our egos throw up all kinds of reasons “it will never work.”  

This slows our spiritual advancement, unnecessarily delaying our joy

I don’t want that for you, and your guides don’t either.  

Which is why I urge you to act now, if you want to become a better channel.  

Because I know that if you leave this page without signing up, you probably won’t come back later to take the course.  

That’s because your ego will try to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t bother.

By contrast, your divine guides are cheering you on right now, encouraging you to deepen this skillset.  

They know each and every one of you who will sign up for this course, and all the great things that await you as you become a Master Channel.

By taking a proactive step right now toward advancing your channeling skills, you’ll be moving forward on the right path … the path your soul always intended.  

Plus, by signing up for the course today, you have absolutely everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because your satisfaction with the course is guaranteed ...  

Enjoy Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Betsy and I are so confident you’ll love this course that we’re offering a 100% moneyback guarantee. Take the entire course from start to finish, while enjoying all of the bonuses. If you decide in the next 30 days that you don’t completely love it, we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked, no fine print, no funny business. We’ve removed all the risk for you—that’s how sure we are that this course will transform you into a Master Channel.

Alright ... NOW is the Time!

If you want to take your channeling to the next level so you can start having sessions that are even more amazing, this course is the way to do it.

But, you need to act now.

So, to get started, click the payment button below, enter your details, and you’ll get immediate online access to the Channeling Mastery course.

Get Full Access To The Channeling Mastery Course Now For $695

Let me break this down for you even further.

You have one of two options: 

1. Your first is to ignore this page. Sure, you want to improve your channeling skills, but your ego’s whispering that you aren’t ready, the timing’s wrong, or you’re too busy. So, you keep doing what you’re doing—even though you want to get better at this skill and know Betsy-Morgan will show you exactly how to do it.

2. Your second option is to take this course and find out for yourself how amazing it to become a Master Channel. Receive vibrational attunements, so you rapidly improve your channeling abilities while manifesting more blessings, experiencing greater happiness, and enjoying deeper wisdom … you can even become a professional channeler if you want. Risk absolutely nothing because if you try the course, and you don’t get the results you hoped for, we’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked. 

So, start NOW by clicking the payment button below and entering your details. 

Get Full Access To The Channeling Mastery Course Now For $695

Once you complete your payment details, you’ll get immediate online access to the Channeling Mastery course, plus the 3 bonuses. 

Try them for yourself and see how valuable this stuff is. Learn how to channel with greater confidence and more accuracy, while holding the energy of your guides for longer periods of time.

THEN decide if the course is worth it to you. If you decide it isn’t, just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money. You literally have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

All I ask is that once you try the course and discover for yourself how amazing it is, you let us know with either a quick email, or by posting in our private Facebook group. We love hearing from our students!

Thanks for your time! I can’t wait for you to experience even more awesome channeling sessions, as you develop this skill further.

With so much love and bright blessings,

Channeling Mastery @ 2019